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Media Production/Live-Stream Production

I have been producing running content videos for over 4 years; and producing almost daily live-streaming running content for 3 years; as well as volunteer media support and/or live-streaming support for some of the largest ultra-trail races in the United States.

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ShadRunrrr Youtube Channel

Please check out my Youtube Channel.  I produce running content while training for races, running while traveling, and frequent live-streaming of training runs.  Check out my latest video.

ShadRunrrr Twitch Channel

Please join me on my Twitch Channel for almost daily live-streams of my training.  This is my main live-stream channel where I bring you along on my training runs, and talk running, coaching advice, or just talk about life.

My Racing, LiveStream and Travel Calendar

Current Twitch Schedule
(times are local timezone for where I am located at that time)
Monday: 0800ish / Mountain Trail Run
Tuesday: No Stream / Higher Intensity Efforts
Wednesday: 0800ish / Mountain Trail Run
Thursday: No Stream / Higher Intensity Efforts
Friday: 0800ish / Mountain Trail Run
Saturday: No stream/long mountain runs so usually no signal to stream
Sunday: 0900ish / 1-2 hr Recovery Run

Live Stream Services
Do you have a race or event you want to livestream?  I can provide live stream support including follow cams, static cams,  and platform support.  Inquire below to talk about live streaming your next event.  Costs are dependent on support required and size of event.

Video Production
Do you have a race or training event and want a professionally produced video?  Send me an inquiry and see what services I can provide for you.

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